Laminate Flooring


Unlike natural timber flooring, laminate flooring will not stain, dent, scratch or fade with age.

Highly engineered to handle the medium to high traffic areas of your home, this fantastic range of colours has been hand picked to suit many modern design’s and decor’s. The below laminate styles are designed to keep maintenance and cleaning to a minimum, whilst giving you that ultimate timber look for years to come.



    • 8mm board thickness with installation on 2mm combination underlay
    • 25 year Structural and Surface wear Domestic Warranty
    • 3 year Limited Commercial Warranty
    • Unilink tounge & groove locking system
    • Specification sizes 1286mm long x 190 mm wide x 8 mm thick
    • Commercial grade AC3 / Class 31 Comprehensive laying instructions available.

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12mm Laminate boards offer as a fantastic option for those who love the look of a single plank style with a v-groove. Made from HDF (High Density Fibre) this product places fewer demands on our environment, therefore making this a truly sustainable form of flooring. With exceptional hardwearing qualities, you can have the realistic look of a natural timber floor without the maintenance and hassles of sanding and polishing.

The Long board range we offer is a 1.8mtr length therefore you are purchasing one of the best quality laminates on the market today.

It also comes with the unilin locking system so it requires no glue at all for installation.


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Laminate Flooring does not use solid wood in its construction so it is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring yet it looks very attractive like wood flooring.

Laminates are constructed using three principal layers which are compressed together using a high-pressure process to make it durable.

The Decorative Layer -This is the surface layer of the laminate floor, the image that gives it the beauty and elegance of an actual hardwood board. This layer is simply a high-definition photograph of a particular wood species or type of tile, which is sealed using a resin-based coating.

This is what gives the floor it’s resistance to scratching, UV rays, burning ash and embers, and chemical agents. The Core Layer – This is what gives the laminate its true durability. The core is made of a highly compressed, High Density Fiberboard (HDF).

This is what allows the floor to take the shock of localized impacts, such as high-heeled shoes and falling objects. The Backing Layer- This is the layer that binds the laminate together, and gives it stability.

The backing layer is made to float overtop of the foam underlayment, making the laminate a floating floor and further differing it from hardwood.

The top layer of laminate flooring is an imitation of real wood so as far as looks it is as attractive as real hardwood flooring.

Using different layers of flooring makes up for perfect combination of stability and strength. With aluminum oxide finish it gives rugged resistance to abrasion. In simple words, it has both beauty and brain.

Laminate Flooring is typically half the cost of hardwood flooring with looks similar to real wood flooring.

The top layer is a copy of real wood flooring with the rest of the layers beneath using different materials to hold the top layer together.
That is why it is much more affordable yet an attractive flooring.

Installing laminate flooring is a breeze and you do not need to be a masterful carpenter. There are many types of laminate floors available, and most can be installed by using glue instead of using nails.

If you are budget conscious and wish to avoid paying a professional you will love the ease with which you can install laminate flooring.