Bamboo Flooring


One of Australia’s fastest growing flooring products, Bamboo is prized for its sustainability, durability and stylish appearance.

Manufactured using superior hot pressed strand woven techniques, Budget Flooring Solutions has an exclusive distribution arrangement with one of the world’s leading bamboo floor suppliers.

Bamboo is extremely sustainable as the trees can be re-harvested every 7 years, and it comes in a variety range of colours to suit any decor. It is increasingly in demand commercially, offering excellent and long-lasting performance as a floating floor.

Budget Flooring Solutions offers a range of popular bamboo flooring styles and colours. Coffee and Natural are the most popular bamboo flooring colours in our range, and come with a 45% semi-gloss finish to enhance the natural colour of the bamboo. For those wanting more feature in their bamboo floor, Daintree and Nullarbor are good options, and involve light staining of Coffee boards (for Daintree) or Natural Boards (for Nullarbor) to give it a more rustic look. Uluru, Sepia and Snow Limed Bamboo are fully stained bamboo colours, and require two extra coatings (12 in total) to achieve their rich colouring. It also has the added benefit of giving the floor extra stain resistance. Tiger Bamboo is a mix of both Coffee and Natural strands to give a more exotic look. Great for shops or funky bars!


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